Camp Overview

Canine Leadership Camp teaches campers about dog-people relationships: general behavior, psychology, team dynamics, so they may become more savvy pet owners.

This camp is partnership between Earth Studies and The Dog Masters, a dog behavior consulting company based in Denver, Colorado. Each week focuses on dog behavior including additional workshops which increases practical outdoor life skills such as observation & awareness skills with greater focus on leadership, conflict resolution and open communication skills.

What can we expect from Canine Camp?

Youth are the most at risk from unstable dogs. This camp will help increase dog awareness and animal behavior through understanding causes, functions, development and evolution of dog behavior.

The purpose of this camp is to educate the next generation of dog owners. By the end of the campers will know how to walk, socialize with, and teach dogs about household rules, boundaries and limits. A wide range of situations, activities, and fun games will be applied.

A hands-on guide to understanding the basics of dog behavior. Workshops focus on the Earth Studies pack of twenty-Seppala Siberian Huskies. Topics include non-verbal body communication, dominant and submissive language, pack dynamics, lead and follower mentality.

The best way to teach how to be your dog’s leader is through participation and engagement. Several interactive games and activities will help bridge the communication gaps between new participants and senior sled dogs. This is about action, not words.

Developing self-confidence and awareness by experiencing sled dog sports. Campers are paired with a husky for selected activities such as hiking, bikejoring, canicross and behavior related exercises.

It’s all about teamwork, communication and respecting your environment.  Similar to how dogs establish order and authority, campers will learn about important teamwork through flatwater canoeing including strokes, maneuvers and water rescues -- they will work as a team and better understand the concepts of follow the leader.

We will practice outdoor wilderness survival techniques. To develop independence and confidence, participants will learn how to take care of themselves, groups and their dogs while camping, traveling to prevent and mitigate outdoor recreational emergencies.

Essential Details


Ages: 12 - 17 years

Cost (CAD all inclusive)

Individual Session: $1,610 per camper

Both Sessions: $2,576 per camper (save 40% or $770)

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