Family Overnight Retreats

January through April and July through November

$425/youth* (ages 8-17)   ||   $475/adult* (18+)

Our 3 day, 2 night family retreats are perfect for the family who craves outdoor experiences, animal connection, and a beautiful environment that bring everyone closer together.

We offer customizable retreats for families sized 2-8 to ensure your next family getaway is unique. Make memories that will last a lifetime.

Examples of Family Retreats

Let it Snow, Winter, Family of 4

The Girard family came to us excited for all things winter. During their time with us, they:

  • Received instruction on sled dog pack dynamics and sled dog winter care.
  • Went dog sledding through woods, across lakes, and over hills, totaling over 25km.
  • Toured our animals in residence, including our bald eagle and snowy owl.
  • Built snow huts and other snow creations.
  • Snowshoed across lakes to follow most recent winter game trails.
  • Visited horses and learned about equine connection.
  • Spent nights around the fire, retelling events of the day, and sometimes watching a movie before heading off to bed.


Soak Up the Summer Sun, Summer, Family of 3

The Joy family came prepared for non-stop fun in the sun. During their time with us, they:

  • Swam in and explored the shoreline of our 50-acre private lake.
  • Toured our animals in residence and wildlife at our homestead.
  • Met our huskies and were introduced to the basics of dog behavior.
  • Hiked up to the Grandmother tree with two of our sled dogs.
  • Participated in equine connection with our herd of horses.
  • Fed deer fawns and raccoon kits for rehabilitation.
  • Told stories about Indian Lake around a campfire on the beach.


Autumn-atic Family Fun, Autumn, Family of 6

The LaPointe family visited during the peak of our fall season colors. During their time here, they:

  • Spent time in the woods learning how to build emergency shelters and make fires in wet conditions.
  • Participated in dryland sled dog racing, which helps mushers prepare for winter dog sledding.
  • Toured our animals in residence, including our bald eagle, snowy owl, hawks, deer fawns, and raccoon kits.
  • Played horse games that helped assess horse-specific personalities.
  • Helped in caring for the horses and sled dogs in residence.
  • Camped out overnight at the top of a nearby waterfall.

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