Our field trips are multidisciplinary and age-appropriate to add depth to your classroom lessons. Our fields are customizable in order to help your students apply their lessons to real world applications.


Field Trip Topics:

Generation Next

Being a leader is not about being the one in charge. It is about being aware of your strengths and your team's strengths, having the wisdom to cultivate trust and safety in order to obtain the group's goals.

Field activity themes include: Relationship Foundations, Self-Awareness, Problem Solving, Community, You and Your Team


Dog Sled Management

We must be aware of many different factors in order to facilitate a cooperative sport with live animals. We practice the art of sledding, using our weight to turn the sled, make decisions about where to put certain dogs, how the lines and the sled work. Most important, we observe dog behavior to facilitate a healthy and well-balanced dog team.

Field activity themes include: Dog Sledding Level 1, Level 2, Level 3; Dog Behavior Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3


Deep Ecology

Exploration of our interconnection with all living things and developing empathy for another lifeform.

Field activity themes include: Animal Mentors, Spirit Stones


Outdoor Emergency Skills

For emergency wilderness situations, we simulate building fires and survival shelters including tarp shelters, snow quincies. Practice Leave No Trace principles. The more we practice, the quicker and more effective we become.

Field activity themes include: Team Fire Building & Team Shelter Building


Tracking & Recreation Electives

Outside, we are always observing and aware of our surroundings. We watch for signs of animals, humans and non-human, everywhere. We look for tracks, scats, game trails, signs of hungry deer in the winter, where humans left shelters, trash and/or fires. 

Field activity themes include: Track Basics, Snowshoeing, Hiking

Grade 4 Field Trip Example

Curriculum Core Principle: Pioneering

Leadership Skills

Generation Next: Relationship Foundations

Respecting Rules

  • Animals

  • Nature

  • Elders

Dogsledding Level 1


  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Team

Welcome to the Pack

  • Sled Dogs 101
  • Non-verbal body language
  • Social conduct
  • Learning their names


  • Dog Sledding on Indian Lake

Animal Mentor

By Session

  • Dog
  • Deer
  • Goose

Native American Culture

  • Spirit Stones

Outdoor Emergency Skills

Group Fire Building

  • Survival fire introduction
  • Hazards, risks + safety
  • Leave No Trace

Emergency Shelter Building

  • Snow quincy (Winter)
  • Tarp Tents (Spring)

Tracking Level 1


  • Deer

Grade 6 Field Trip Example

Curriculum Core Principle: Survivor

Leadership Skills

Generation Next: Problem Solving

Ask Questions

  • What happens…?
  • Where does …?
  • Why would …?
  • How come …?
  • When do ...?

Dog Behavior Level 1

Dog Talk

  • Boundaries
  • Personal “bubbles”
  • Controlling excitement
  • Energy levels (1-10)
  • Review of Dog Psychology
  • Dog Whisperer Video


  • Multiple Dog Interaction (2-3)

Animal Mentor

By Session

  • Goose
  • Blue Jay
  • Chickadee

Outdoor Emergency Skills

Team Fire Building

  • Timed fire building exercise
  • Leave no trace

Team Shelter Building

  • Tarp Tents (Winter)
  • Team competition

Basic Tracking Level 3


  • Beaver


Field Trip Essentials

Length: 3 hours & 1 hour for lunch

Time: 10:00am - 2:00pm

Lunch: Each student brings a brown bag lunch

Requirements: Media Release signed by each participant or guardian

Media Release Form