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How old is the camp?

Campers can be no younger than 8 and older than 15.


How do you separate male and female sleeping arrangements?

The lodge has an upper and lower sleeping accommodations. There is assigned sleeping arrangements on both levels.


Tell me about the decision to have multiple ages in one camp session and is it successful?

This has been a very meaningful way to teach respect. Campers learn how to manage different energy levels and communicate effectively. This camp is all about showing campers how to be better dog owners at a young age.


How many campers do you have in each session?

Our lowest number of accepted per camp session is 8 and maximum occupancy is 12 campers.


Are parents allowed to visit?

Parents and other family and friends may only be permitted to be present for the Start and End of camp during the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm.


How do you handle a homesick camper?

Homesick campers will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. We will contact the camper’s parents and make any necessary arrangements.


Are you able to accommodate my child with a very restricted diet?

Yes, we can accommodate many dietary restrictions as long as the camper’s can eat the required amount of nutrition necessary for the high energy nature of camp.


Are knives allowed?

No camper is allowed to bring any size or making of knife, matches or lighters, firecrackers or fireworks.


Will campers get the opportunity to sleep outside under stars?

Yes, we choose the day in the week in accordance with preferable weather conditions and evening activities.


Do you have a set day that parents can come and spend the night?

No overnight camping will be available when camp is in session.


Are electronics of any sort allowed?

Campers are encouraged to bring whatever electronic device. Earth Studies accepts no damage to above mentioned.


How do you handle bedtime when younger ones want to sleep and older ones are telling scary stories?

Older campers may choose to stay up for an additional hour. There are also evening specific games for both younger and older campers.


What’s the camper/counselor ratio?

5 campers for every 1 camp counselor


What kinds of activities are offered?

Swimming, nature walks, dream catcher making, storytelling, capture the flag


What’s a typical day?

Campers wake up for a sunrise walk or group activity. Breakfast is at 9:00pm sharp. One of the counsellors will go over the day’s events, activities and games. Campers will get at least two hours of dog-camper time per day.


Do you have any water activities?

Yes, we always have supervised swimming and water related activities which includes canoeing, waterball fights and much more.


Do you ever travel off site? Where and how?

We do not transport campers off the Earth Studies campus.