The purpose of this camp is to educate the next generation of dog owners. By the end of the camp participants will know how to walk, socialize with, and teach dogs about household rules, boundaries and limits. A wide range of situations, activities, and fun games will be applied.

Campers will sleep in the student housing building called The Lodge with the occasional overnight in a tent or tepee. See facilities for more information and pictures. Much of our days will be with the huskies out at our kennels. Read more about our dogs here. We eat meals, take breaks and watch movies inside the main house. Our canoe courses will take place on our 50+ acre private lake.

With supervision, campers will be encouraged to take advantage of the countless resources and natural places on the Earth Studies 250-hectare private campus. Swimming, paddleboarding, backcountry exploration and lake-side meditation are a few examples of common activities.

Depending on day-to-day scheduling, weather and group dynamics, campers will be given rest and relaxation time to reflect upon their own personal goals. Although, activities and games are also encouraged during this time, it must be low energy and within a specified location or habitat.