Jack Higgins, Winter Gap Session 1 (2015)

"I just wanted to say thank you to you all for everything you've done, helped me with, taught me, and given me over the last five weeks.  I had a fantastic time - I really enjoyed every single day.  I got so much out of the experience and I feel like what you're all doing and creating at Earth Studies is incredibly important."

Brian Storosko,  Headmaster of Junior School, Ashbury College

"Our students have been venturing to Earth Studies for over 10 years, no textbooks or online activities could ever match the connections with nature that Ashbury students have experienced in the outdoors at Earth Studies."  

Zack Schmidt, Fall Gap Student

"I wanted hands on experience doing what I love outdoors, and to discover new things to love outdoors. There is nothing more you guys can do to improve. My expectations were blown away by what your program has to offer."                                                                                 

Roni Rubins, Fall Gap Student

“No matter what your background or past life experiences, everyone is able to find their niche at Earth Studies. The Cushing family, both extremely welcoming and highly motivating, provide a safe haven to explore nature and the beautiful Canadian wildlife as well as discover yourself. I am extremely grateful for my time there and would recommend the program to all."