Women’s Fall Retreat

2017 date(s)    ||   Ages 18+    ||    4-10 women, $750/person*

Spend 3 days and 2 nights in the crisp autumn countryside of Québec. Experience dry land dog-carting. Learn outdoor survival skills. Enjoy leisurely hikes through the colorful hillside.

With winter rapidly approaching, we make sure to take plenty of breaks to honor the seasons slowing down. Expect laughs and stories around the fire with warm beverages in hand.

Instructors: Jo Ellen Cushing, Corie Jo Cushing, and Janna Lee Cushing

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Women’s Winter Wonderland

2018 date(s)     ||    Ages 18+    ||     4-10 women, $750/person*

Spend 3 days and 2 nights walking in a winter wonderland. Go dog sledding. Learn winter resiliency skills including fire-making and emergency shelter building. Enjoy the tranquility of snowshoeing or the thrill of cross-country skiing.

We believe rest is vital for your body’s winter resilience, so look forward to many breaks around the fire while sipping warm beverages. Nights are filled with conversation and laughter. 

Instructors: Jo Ellen Cushing and Corie Jo Cushing


Private Custom Women’s Retreat

To customize your next retreat, call Jo Ellen Cushing at 819-647-3226, or email her at joellen@earthstudies.ca.