Outdoor education and animal ecotourism with the Cushing Family. 

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Gap Year / Internship

This unique experience is transforming. It changes participants lives through meaningful programming, delightful adventures, and rich environmental education, all in a positive peer atmosphere of safety and supervision.

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Connect with domestic and wild animals in our private wildlife sanctuary; learn basic Krav Maga self-defense techniques; and build your confidence in the outdoors with season-specific activities and lessons. By night, enjoy our cozy lodge...

Plan an educational family getaway. Explore the hills of western Québec, interact with both wild and domestic animals and enjoy the privacy of Lac Indien. We offer customizable retreats for families sized 2-8 to ensure your next family getaway is...

"Our students have been venturing to Earth Studies for over 10 years, no textbooks or online activities could ever match the connections with nature that Ashbury students have experienced in the outdoors at Earth Studies." - Brian Storosko, Headmaster of Junior School, Ashbury College


Meet The Cushings

The Cushing family oversees and facilitates daily animal, wildlife and outdoors workshops. They are the foundation for the majority of Earth Studies programs. The family has over 30 years of environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation experiences, whilst being small business owners.

Meet Our Animals

Since settling on the shores of Indian Lake in the late 90’s, the Cushing family has cared for, rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of animal species.  Core to the campus are the domestic animals such as the sled dogs and horses.  Unique however are the wild animals that find their way to the Cushings — some to stay as permanent residents and others who are transients to be ‘fixed up’ or ‘given a second chance’ to continue their journey through life.


Dogsled through Cushing wildlife refuge

Visit our vast wildlife refuge by traditional dog sled

Perfect for those with a desire to learn about sled dogs and nature, our 90-minute crash course in dog sledding puts you right in the seat of action. Meet our sled dog team, check your equipment, and you’re off to the races. While sledding along our private trail systems, prepare to see white-tailed deer, bald eagles, and much more. With years of passionate teaching and guiding experiences, we provide extraordinary storytelling and instructions throughout your dog sledding adventure.